Meet Madi

Madeline Eden is a Texan, an American, a parent, an inventor, an entrepreneur, and your next representative for Texas 17th State House District. She was taught that no one should have the authority to dictate the rights or personal beliefs for another individual, as we are all created equal.

Madi was born in Jefferson City, Missouri; and moved to San Antonio at the age of five. Her father began teaching her to work with computers and write code when she was just six years old. With those experiences as her foundation she spent her early days endlessly studying new ways to develop software and researching emergent technologies. By the age of 13 she had already helped to found one of San Antonio’s first large-scale multi-user online networks. During the early days of the world wide web she was a vocal advocate for a free and open global network (a stance she maintains to this day).

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Her journey to Texas

After completing high school, she began working as a network engineer while attending nightly college courses. She made her move to Austin in 1998, where she continued her career path in information technology as a Software Architect and Engineering Manager for companies like Dell and AMD. Over time she learned to coordinate and manage globally distributed teams in order to accomplish much more than she ever could on her own. She consistently applied the skills learned in each of her roles to further advance her knowledge of cutting edge technologies, while contributing to countless open-source software initiatives, and non-profit organizations throughout the course of her career.


Madi's family

Madi has lived with her family in Bastrop since 2005 where she has been an active volunteer, community organizer, and vocal advocate for voting rights.


She’s the current Chair of the Bastrop County Stonewall Democrats, a former Democratic Precinct Chair, and currently works full-time as the Chief Technology Officer for Civitech (an Austin based public benefits corporation that develops information management systems for progressive political candidates and social impact organizations). 


Madi's work in the political sphere

Ms. Eden is also known for her work with Register2Vote, a Texas based non-profit which she co-founded in early 2018. During the most recent midterm election cycle, the organization successfully harnessed the grassroots power of over a thousand engaged volunteers to help register more than 150,000 Texans before the 2018 voter registration deadline. Register2Vote has since continued on to create a suite of free tools that are used by nonprofits across the country to identify and register over a million new voters.

Her campaign is working to address a wide range of issues including: environmental protections, rural broadband accessibility, marijuana legalization/decriminalization, veterans care, common sense firearms legislation, voting rights, water rights, protections for immigrants, better funding for teachers/schools, social justice reform, and improving healthcare coverage/expansion for Texans.