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Democracy should benefit all of us, and not an elite few.


It’s time to Take Texas Back from those who would promote their own self interests, instead of representing the people they were elected to serve. I’ll provide a true voice for District 17, and work to protect our Texas communities by focusing on education, healthcare, infrastructure, and reform.

Take Back Texas



Criminal Justice Reform


Rural Broadband

Environment & Climate

Redistricting & Gerrymandering

Read more about my Priorities to Take Back Texas here:

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Meet Madi

Madeline Eden is a Texan, a parent, an entrepreneur, and your next representative for Texas 17th State House District.

She was taught that no one should have the authority to dictate the rights or personal beliefs for another individual, as we are all created equal.

Ms. Eden currently works as the Executive Director for COVAC; a Texas based non-profit organization that conducts emergency pandemic response activities. Her most recent efforts on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic have helped to provide COVID vaccination and testing services for thousands of Texans across the state.

Madi is also known for her work with Register2Vote, which she co-founded in early 2018. Register2Vote has successfully harnessed the power of grassroots organizing to help register millions of people across the country.

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